Kate Moss and Liv Tyler Being Cool in the Countryside


Kate Moss and Liv Tyler have been friends since they were young, so no wonder if the two have decided to celebrate the actress’ 40th birthday together. […]

The model and the actress have spent a weekend at the countryside, along with Kate’s daughter Lila, Tyler’s fiancé , David Gardner, hairdresser James Brown and Sadie Frost, who shared some of the pictures on her Instagram profile.


Tyler also documented the event with one excellent film of Kate Moss crawling behind her on all-fours on the grass.


Liv’s fiancé, David Gardner, also posted a lovely tribute to his beloved wife-to-be and mother of his two children on Instagram, calling her a “magical unicorn” and his “dream girl”.

With such a beautiful family and caring friends, Liv is right in saying that it has been her best birthday weekend ever!


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