Melania Trump: 5 Curiosities About the Discussed First Lady You Probably Didn’t Know

The fascinating First Lady of the USA is quickly becoming a fashion icon, like the incomparable Jackie Kennedy in the Sixties.

We have selected for you 5 facts about her life that you probably didn’t know before.

1 – She attended University of Ljubljana in Slovenia where she studied architecture.

Melania Trump è nel mirino per il suo discorso, non troppo inedito

2 – She grew up in a humble background. Her father worked as a car dealer and her mother worked as a children’s clothes designer at a manufacturer named ‘Jutranjka’ in Sevnica.

3 – Young Melania wanted to pursue a career in modelling and started her journey at the age of sixteen when she worked with Stane Jerko, a fashion photographer from Slovenia. At eighteen years of age, she signed a contract with a modelling agency in Milan.

4 – Melania and Donald Trump met at a fashion party in New York City in September 1998. Being single, Trump entered into a serious relationship with her.


5 – Melania Trump is a multi-linguist with good command over Slovene, English, German, French, Italian, and Serbo-Croatian.

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