Miniskirt Mania! The Symbol of Women’s Liberation

We will never get enough of miniskirts!

Since the early 1960s, miniskirts have existed as a symbol of women’s liberation.


Designers like Mary Quant and Yves Saint Laurent have made them the real manifesto of the feminist movement.

During the Swinging Sixties miniskirts became so politicized that when designers like Dior failed to show them on the runway, a group of women who called themselves the “British Society for the Protection of Mini Skirts,” protested outside of the show with signs that read, “Mini skirts forever.”


During the Nineties, models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford kept the trend alive. Now, miniskirt is considered one of the greatest revolutions in modern society.

Like Mary Quant said, “A woman is as young as her knees.”


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    So apt that I should come across Le Maquette’s post about the miniskirt… I love miniskirts! I love the history behind them and how they look. I was just thinking this morning that I have to get on to sewing some short skirts for myself – pronto! I have some gorgeous tartans, linens, and even some Liberty of London cotton paisley… I’ve been so consumed with working on sheaths these past few months, and it would be nice to shift my focus on skirts while applying my new couture sewing skills!

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