Diane Keaton: “If you’re happy, you’re mentally ill”


If you think about 70’s style icons, one of the very first people who should come to you mind is the incomparable Diane Keaton.

Her unique look has inspired thousands of women in the world and still does; a look that hasn’t lost its singularity with the passing of the years.

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After all it has always been clear, since the ‘Annie Hall‘ period (film written for her by ex-boyfriend Woody Allen), that her nonconformist style wouldn’t have gone unnoticed.

ANNIE HALL, Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, 1977
With Woody Allen in Annie Hall

The relationship with Allen was tormented and not easy to handle at all, mostly because of their different way to approach life. But there’s one thing they have in common: the rough realism towards life.

In a recent interview, Diane was asked if she considers herself to be happy. Her brilliant answer was:

“That’s just impossible – I don’t even know what that means when you ask someone if they’re happy – of course not. You’re not happy but you are engaged and there are things that are just miraculous, you know… A lot goes on in one day in our lives… You can be this and that… So I don’t know what to say about that.”

She stopped and started again. “It’s a ridiculous question because no one can really be happy – if you’re happy, you’re mentally ill. I mean, there’s a lot of sad things going on.”

What a woman!

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