The Myth of Brigitte Bardot and Saint Tropez

There are few places in the world as mythologized as Saint Tropez, and Brigitte Bardot is its goddess.

From the early Sixties on, the town of Saint Tropez has recalled the interest of the international jet-set (from Audrey Hepburn to Maria Callas) becoming the capital of coolness and luxury.

Bardot bought her magnificent Saint Tropez home, ‘La Madrague‘, in the mid 50s, and she made of it her personal shelter from snoopers and paparazzi.

olycom - valeria braghieri -

Despite her famous discretion, it was easy, back in the 50s and 60s, to see her doing a walk through the streets of Saint Tropez or going to the beach, often accompanied by famous latin lovers like Gigi Rizzi.

With Italian latin lover Gigi Rizzi

In 1960, Jean-Prosper Gay-Para, the billionaire Lebanese hotelier, opened the Hotel Byblos, a wildly expensive “Palace of the Thousand and One Nights” in the heart of St Tropez entirely dedicated to Brigitte. He then claimed he wanted to built a hotel “worthy of Bardot”.

Hotel Byblos

A real goddess, without a doubt.


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