How to Look Taller Without High Heels

That’s what every petite girl wants: looking taller without the bother of high heels.

Everyone is aware of a woman’s love for high heels, but only women know how much they can be hard to wear. We usually think they are indispensable for a glamorous look: nothing wronger!

Some of the most alluring women of all time rarely wore high heels. Yet, they were considered incredibly captivating and attractive. Even Marilyn Monroe, who surely wasn’t tall, usually preferred to walk barefoot. Same for Brigitte Bardot.

So, if you want to look taller without high heel, you need to follow these advices:

1 – Choose vertical striped pants: they immediately create the illusion of added length.


2 – Wear high waisted pants: they will make your legs look longer.


3 – Wear total black outfits: you will immediately look not only taller, but leaner too.


4 – Must have: small bags! A bag needs to be proportional to your height.

French First lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (C

5 – Opt for over-the-knee boots: for no ending legs!



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