Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell’s Coolest Moments in 8 Photos

“I first met Kate Moss in Los Angeles in 1992. She was 15, I was 18. It was a brief meeting but I remember her being strikingly quiet, she hardly spoke. She can be very shy at times, if she doesn’t know you she doesn’t speak. The other striking thing, obviously, was her beautiful face. I knew she was special from that first minute I saw her.”

This is the very first Naomi Campbell‘s memory about her British colleague Kate Moss.

The two supermodels have shared a beautiful friendship for more than 20 years, and they are still considered two of the greatest (and most influential) models of all time.

Despite their close relationship, Naomi and Kate couldn’t be more different: Naomi was exuberant, party-loving and impudent, while Kate was shy, discreet and quiet; but the friendship with Naomi helped her to get over her insecurities. She once said: “I have made some of the best friends that I’ve got in this business.”

To honor the two fashion icons, we have selected some of the best and coolest moments they shared together throughout the years.










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