When Monica Bellucci Became a Beauty Icon With “Malèna”

She is one of the most famous and beloved Italian actresses, talented, fascinating and blessed with the beauty of a goddess. We are talking about Monica Bellucci, of course.


As a young model, Monica made her debut in cinema in 1991, with Italian film “La Riffa”.

But the fame came when she was casted by Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore for “Malèna“.

Malèna has been my first important film, the one that launched me in Hollywood and allowed me to get a part in Matrix and in The Passion of Christ. Giuseppe Tornatore made it possible. I owe him everything. Whenever he calls, I run.”


After all, Tornatore considers Monica his muse:

“When I started working on the film [Malèna], I immediately thought about Monica for the main role. She was perfect to play Malèna, because when you look at her, in her eyes there is not only her beauty, but an entire world you want to know we you meet her.”

Tornatore and Monica Bellucci on set

The film was released in 2000 and the shootings took place in Italy and Morocco. It obtained a great success all around the world, even in America, where it was heavily censored. It was also honored with two Oscar nominees (Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Score by Ennio Morricone).


A must-seen film, without a doubt.


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