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5 Tricks To Look Stylish at the Beach Like Brigitte Bardot

Whatever she does is alluring and stylish. Brigitte Bardot clearly knows how to capture attention, especially at the seaside.

We all remember her walking charmingly through the streets of Saint Tropez, with her wild hair blowing in the wind and her typical sexy pout.

With her irresistible personality, she made fall in love some of the most fascinating men of that period, like Jacques Charrier, Roger Vadim, Jean Louis Trintignant and the multi-millionaire Gunther Sachs.

We have selected for you 5 tricks to get her iconic beach style. Read below!

1 – Walk barefoot.


2 – Must-have: wild and rebel hair.


3 – Wear short and cute dresses. For a perfect ‘Lolita’ style.


4 – Bag? No, wicker basket!


5 – Cute and simple bikinis.





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