Inside Alain Delon and Romy Schneider’s Love Story


It was the far 1968 when Alain Delon and Romy Schneider met again after their breakup in 1963 to start the shootings of their new film, La Piscine.

Their love story was tormented and passionate: Romy, the good girl, poised and faithful, and Alain, the bad boy, the womanizer, who didn’t realize his deep love for Romy until her death in 1982.


Five years after their split, the shots taken on the set of the film show how strong and genuine their relationship still was.


The film obtained a great success, also due to the presence of Romy and Alain, who radiate their splendor in every scene. Alain himself insisted on having Romy as co-star in La Piscine (director Jacques Deray wanted Monica Vitti or Angie Dickinson):

“I wanted Romy and nobody else, or I would not do the movie. She was sublime, seductive, dedicated and provocative.”

  • Alain Delon


On the other hand, Romy’s love for Alain never vacillated:

“The most important man in my life is and always will be Alain Delon. He is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on… even today Alain is the only man I can count on. He would always help me. Only Alain shaped me as a woman. Even though he hurt me a lot when he left me I also matured because of it.”

  • Romy Schneider


The two remained close friends for the rest of their life, and when Romy died, Alain admitted: “She was the love of my life”.



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