Catherine Deneuve’s 5 Beauty Secrets

To age well, you need to take care of yourself. Catherine Deneuve is the proof.


The legendary French actress reveals her beauty routine, from her favorite shade of lipstick to the hair products and skincare. Here the 5 steps you should not forget:

1 – Protect your skin.

“We were raised in the country and always very careful of the sun.” Explains the actress; “My mother told us it wasn’t very good for skin and so I protected my face very much. I’m quite pleased, too, because after so many years, my skin is still in a good shape.”

Important: use moisturizing creme every day but NOT every night:

“The person who has been taking care of my skin says that the collagen in the face has to work on stimulating itself, not having a cream replace it.

Says Catherine.


2 – Drink lemon juice.

“Every morning I drink lemon juice. It’s not so much that it cleanses anything, but I do think it’s very good for your skin and the whites of your eyes.”


3 – Natural makeup (but don’t underrate eyebrows and lips!)

“I’ve always worn very little, very light makeup. Less is more and the more you grow older, the better it is to have light makeup.

Even if she doesn’t want to wear makeup, she always put on lipstick and eyebrows. According to Catherine, eyebrows are indispensable to look good, even more than the eyes themselves.


4 – Wear perfume.

Fragrances are the distinguishing feature of a woman! Catherine Deneuve’s favorites are Frederic Malle’s Eau de Magnolia and Carnal Flower for the summer.


5 – Take care of your hair with natural products.

“Not being a natural blonde, I’ve always taken care of my hair. I’ve used Christophe Robin’s products for 15 years because they’re very, very good—he develops them himself with natural ingredients that are very gentle.”



  1. They failed to mention she smoked most of her life. Catherine has naturally good looks and thats why even with the heavy smoking she still looks attractive. But she would of been a real stunner if she had never smoked. This article never mentioned nothing of any real value. I doubt she even endorsed it.

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