When Marilyn Monroe Fell In Love With New York


It was 1955 when Marilyn Monroe visited New York City for the first time. And it was love at first sight.

That wasn’t a positive period for her: she felt suffocated by Hollywood and its producers, who wanted her to play always the same kind of role, the ‘dumb blonde’. She was looking for something new, a place in which she would have been able to start a new life. And she found it in New York.

“In leaving Hollywood and coming to New York I feel I can be more myself. After all, if I can’t be myself, what’s the good of being anything at all?”


The city that never sleeps gave Marilyn new birth. She started hanging out with some of the most influential intellectuals of that time, such as Arthur Miller (her future husband), Carl Sandburg and Lee Strasberg; she also started frequenting Strasberg’s legendary Actors Studio to improve her acting skills.

Tea time with Lee Strasberg.

“New York is my favorite place in the world, so far.”

What she loved the most was the fact that she could maintain a certain amount of anonymity walking through the streets, while still remaining close to Manhattan life.


“I just like walking around. I think the view is better from Brooklyn—you can look back over and see Manhattan. That’s the best view, but it isn’t only the view. It’s the people, and the streets…and the atmosphere, I just like it.”


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