5 Grace Kelly’s Looks To Copy This Summer

Elegance is important. Even in summer.

She was the Hollywood star who became a princess. Though she only appeared in 11 films before she retired from acting at the age of 26, she remains one of the greatest film icons of all time.

Grace Kelly, with her enchanting beauty and incomparable class, is still a role model for many girls and women in the world.

We have selected 5 of her summer looks you need to copy this summer to look like a real princess!

1 – Choose pastel colors.

Grace Kelly (4)

Important: show your legs, but not too much chest.

2 – Wear a bandana as a top.

To look younger and cool.


3 – Smooth your hair and tie them up.

You will immediately look tidier (and your hair will appear more luminous).


4 – Bandana + Sunglasses

The perfect match to look classy!


5 – Wear Elegant White Dresses.

They will highlight your tan and make your skin glowing.



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