How To Get Freckles With Makeup

5 steps to get the perfect sun-kissed face.

Freckles are adorable, but they also are hereditary, so you either have them or don’t. If you do not have natural freckles, you can get fake freckles using standard makeup…and make them look natural, of course.

Read below!

1 –Choose brown eyeliner pencil tones.

Start with a brown shade with the same underlying hue of your skin. The eyeliner should be two shades lighter than the one you use for your eyebrows. You will need a light ash tone and another tone that is one shade or so darker.


2 –Draw small freckles on your skin with the lighter color.

Draw little dots across the bridge of your nose and tops of your cheeks, but don’t exaggerate, or the freckles won’t look as natural if you have too many. Make the dots uneven in size as placement. Some should be smaller than others and they should be scattered by asymmetrical.


3 – Fill in a few gaps with the darker tone.

People with natural freckles usually have them in more than one tone, so use the darker shade to draw a few more freckles. They should be fewer in number than the others.


4 – Soften the freckles with cotton.

In order to maintain a natural look.


5 – Lightly apply bronzer to your nose and cheeks.


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