6 Style Lessons To Learn From Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Trends may come and go, but some of them stand the test of time. The admiration Jackie O. still awakens in young girls clearly proves that.

We have selected for you 6 inspiring Style Lessons we learnt from the immortal fashion icon.

Here they are:


1 – Use lipstick as accessory.

Jackie O. was addicted to lipstick. You can choose the shade you prefer, but to look extremely classy use a soft nude or a a pretty pink. No other accessory needed!


2 – Oversize Sunglasses.

And if you combine them with a trench coat, you will get the perfect Jackie O.’ style!

Jackie Onassis Sighting - November 7, 1971

3 – Always keep you hair tidy.

That’s fundamental to look elegant.

Jackie Kennedy style (17)

4 – Pick a signature scent.

Coco Chanel used to say that a woman without perfume has no future. Jackie O.’s favorite was Lovely Patchouli 55, that she received as an engagement gift from Aristotele Onassis. She adopted it as her own, wearing nothing else until she died.


5 – Never wear too high heals. Instead, choose ballerinas or flat boots.

To look effortlessly cool.


6 – Wear neutral colored clothes.

Casual chic is always the best choice.



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