5 Steps To Prevent Morning Breath

It may seem an odd topic, but morning bad breath is one of the most hated inconveniences that people have to face when they wake up, perhaps next to their partner.

There are several factors that can cause bad breath in the morning, but also several methods to avoid it. Read our advices!


1 – Choose an electric toothbrush.

Good oral hygiene is the key against bad breath. Electric toothbrushes are amazing at killing bad breath. They assure you a perfect cleansing. A mouthwash is suggested too.


2 – Clean your tongue once per day.

If you have morning breath, you may have a thick, white coating on your tongue. This is an accumulation of bacteria that causes bad breath. A special plastic tongue scraper is the perfect tongue-cleaner.


3 – Sleep on your side, to avoid snoring.

Most snorers and mouth breathers sleep with their mouth open. This causes dry mouth and let bad breath-causing bacteria flourish. Remember: your saliva acts a biological cleaner, as it removes food particles in your mouth that cause bad odors; so keep in mind to breath with your nose, not with your mouth!


4 – Drink a glass of water before sleeping.

It prevents dehydration.


5 – Eat clean.

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Cut back on coffee, alcohol and sugar.


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