Princess Diana’s Essential Beauty Secrets

20 years have been passed from her tragic death, but Lady Diana still is one of the most copied and admired celebrities in the world.

We have found 5 of her beauty secrets that will inspire you. Read below!

1 – The Importance of Fitness.

Diana usually took three 30 minute sessions a week of vigorous exercise. She was said to keep a treadmill for walking two miles a day, and she loved aerobic and jogging too. She could frequently be seen jogging along the paths at a good steady pace at around nine in the morning. Swimming was one her favorite activities: she would swim 20 or 30 lengths, of both breaststroke and backstroke. She also loved dancing.


2 – Drink a hot cup of water and lemon early in the morning.

It helps to purify the organism. Diana also loved coffee (in small quantity) and carrot, apple and cucumber juices.


3 – Avoid red meat.

Though not strictly vegetarian, Diana preferred chicken or fish. She was also addicted to organic vegetables and fruits, and she loved muesli and pasta.


4 – Avoid alcohol.

Diana rarely drank. She preferred natural mineral water. A lot of calories were saved that way, and her skin remained always luminous and soft.


5 – Homemade Face Masks.

Diana was also keen in creating natural and healthy facial masks inside her kitchen. Her favorite was a mixture of avocado, a white of an egg, lemon juice and honey, perfect to refresh her tired skin. To reduce the swollen look around the eyes, she used to apply two slices of cucumber cut at an angle and place it over her eyes and lie down for 40 minutes.



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