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Rachel Weisz: “You’ve got to think wherever you are is the right place to be.”

We loved her in The Mummy, that made her famous, as in The Constant Gardener, for which she won an Oscar in 2006.


The British-American actress Rachel Weisz is well-known in Hollywood for her incredibly talent and versatility and her acute intelligence, besides an exceptional beauty. Daniel Craig‘s wife seems to become more and more fascinating with the passing of the years.


She considers herself a convinced feminist, but in her own way. When asked about her feminist roles, she replied:

“That’s where my main interest lies. But everyone has been asking me about playing ‘strong women’ and I find it absurd. You’d never, ever say that to an actor. Speaking as a strong woman? It’s like, ‘speaking as a giraffe’, like some endangered species.”

In a recent interview she also opened up about her marriage with Daniel Craig:

“I did Lorraine [the ITV breakfast show] this morning, and she said, ‘So, you’re married to Bond!’ And I said, ‘No, I’m married to someone who pretends to be that character’.”


Being a smart woman, she has no issues in expressing her political ideas:

Of course I voted for Trump – shit, I picked the wrong guy there!”

She jokes.

“Trump will serve his term; he might damage the Earth beyond repair, and women’s rights and the Supreme Court – there will be scars, but there will be a new president. But Brexit is final, right? That’s a death. It’s over. I don’t think you can go back.”


Rachel also claimed that acting saved her from shyness:

“I used to be very shy, and in a way that was what was so great about the idea of acting. You can hide the real you behind that character.”


Then she added:

“Never think that the best party is somewhere else. You’ve got to think wherever you are is the right place to be.”

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