The Charm of Solitude: Marilyn Monroe Meets Nature

Two things Marilyn Monroe loved above anything else: children and nature.


It wasn’t rare to see her going for a walk into the woods, playing with animals or just having a break in the shadow of a tree.

“I restore myself when I’m alone.”

  • Marilyn Monroe

As her third husband Arthur Miller once said, Marilyn’s enchanting freshness and innocent soul perfectly matched with anything pure and free.


On one occasion, he recalls, during a short vacation at the countryside, Marilyn saw a huge quantity of flowers, torn from the ground by a gardener with his lawnmower, lying on the grass, lifeless. She was so horrified that she screamed like she had been wounded, and she run to pick them up from the ground.


She also loved animals as well as environment, and she was a convinced animal-rights activist and environmentalist.


“I think there are two things in human beings…that they want to be alone, but they also want to be together.”

  • Marilyn Monroe




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