5 Laws To Become More Attractive According to Psychologists

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes”, said once Sophia Loren.

And it couldn’t be truer.

A truly beautiful woman doesn’t need tons of makeup or provocative clothes. It’s all about your approach to life and personality.

In particular, there are 5 fundamental laws of attractiveness according to psychologists.

Read them all!


1 – Be aware of the way you look.

Self-awareness is fundamental. You need to know perfectly your body and your soul in order to give yourself the right value.


2 – Stop worrying about your appearance.

Be proud of who you are: self confidence is the key.


3 – Accommodating nonverbal communication.

That shows your approach to life: a self confident person doesn’t worry about what other people think about him, therefore his nonverbal communication is open and secure.


4 – The importance of gestures.

Some gestures, like touching your neck or shaking your hair, are incredibly feminine and attractive. When you walk, make your ankles touch lightly, in order to obtain a more sensual walk.


5 – Smile! (But with naturalness).

A natural smile can make miracles and it lighten your face.


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