Are You More Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot? Do the test!

Are you at heart bon-ton or Frenchy chic?

Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot: two of the greatest fashion icons of the XX Century. But which of them should be your point of reference according to your personality? Do the test! 😉


 Question 1:

Which kind of clothes do you like wearing?

A – Bohemian/boyish

B – Simple-chic



Question 2:

Are you a rebel at heart?

A – Yes, I’m a wild soul.

B – No, I use to be calm and poised.


Question 3:

Do you usually agree with non-conformist ideas?

A – Yes, I like to be disturbing.

B – No, I appreciate traditions.


Question 4:

Are you a party girl or a quiet one?

A – A party one, definitely.

B – My ideal evening is a quiet dinner followed by a good film


Question 5:

What do you like the most, spending time with family or friends?

A – Friends! So much fun!

B – Family is the most important thing.


Question 6:

How do you consider yourself? A mature person or a childish one?

A – Childish. Adulthood scares me.

B – A mature one. I want to take care of people around me.


Question 7:

Tea or beer?

A –  Beer! Tea has no flavor.

B – Tea! Much more feminine.


Question 8:

At the amusement park, do you prefer the ferris wheel or the bumper car?

A – Bumper car!

B – Ferris wheel. Much more romantic and relaxing.


Question 9:

Have you ever done something really crazy?

A –  Yes! If you don’t do crazy things, life is meaningless.

B – No, I like to keep things under control.


Question 10:

Tidy hairstyle of a messy one?

A – Messy one, definitely. Tidy things have never interested me.

B – Tidy hairstyle for sure. To look always at my best.


Question 11:

Headband or long braid?

A – Long braid definitely flatters me.

B – Headband! So chic.



End of the test! If you’ve scored more A, you’re definitely a Brigitte Bardot girl!

If you have scored more B, you are an Audrey Hepburn’s disciple.


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