10 Impressive Makeup Looks To Try At Least Once in Your Life

Is there any woman who doesn’t love makeup?

We have selected for you 10 of the most impressive (and, sometimes, extreme) makeup looks to try at least once in your life. Take notes! πŸ˜‰


1 – Natural Makeup + False Eyelashes

Because natural is ok, but with style!



2 – Babydoll Look

The “Lolita” style is always up-do-date! Kate Moss is the proof.



3 – Extreme Babydoll Look (for big eyes only!)

If you want to amaze everyone around you. Take inspiration from Twiggy!



4 – Focus on the lids!

But remember: eccentric eyeshadows need natural makeup! Key word: balance.



5 – Eyeliner Power!

Ideal for almond eyes. If you want to appear glamorous and sexy like the everlasting icon Brigitte Bardot.



6 – Fifties Inspiration.

Pale skin + red lipstick + cat eyes. Dita Von Teese can teach us a lot!



7 – Smoky Eyes.

And with “smoky” we mean VERY smoky. Take a look at Sharon Tate‘s look!



8 – Geometric Effect.

For the most courageous girls!



9 – Multicolor Eyeshadow.

The Queen of the Night is coming!



10 – The Femme Fatale Look.

Everything needs to be perfect, from the lipstick to the eyebrows (that must be perfectly drawn). You will look like a painting!


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