Are You at Heart Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly? Do the Test!

Are you more sensual or elegant? Poised or transgressive? Discover your real being!

Question 1

If you’d have to choose between career and love, what would your choice be?

A – Love for sure.

B – I can fight my own battles. And live without a man.



Question 2

Date night: form-fitting dress or a more elegant one?

A – Elegance is always a priority.

B – A tight dress makes me feel more beautiful!



Question 3

A friend goes around telling false things about you. How do you react?

A – You talk to him/her calmly and controlled about the situation, with just a subtle contempt in your eyes.

B – You yell furiously at him/her, telling him/her he/she is a traitor and a bad person.



Question 4

Do you usually day dream about marrying a rich man and live happily ever after?

A – This would solve all my problems.

B – My highest goal is to feel fulfilled of my own life through work.



Question 5

Tea or beer?

A – Tea of course!

B – Beer! It gives me strength.



Question 6

Are you wild at heart?

A – No, I use to be very controlled and poised.

B – Of course I am. Wild things are so appealing.

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Question 7

Is fashion important for you?

A – Of course it is. I like to feel admired by other women.

B – Not that much, the most important thing is how you interact with people and your natural charisma.



Question 8

Do you like walking barefoot?

A – I don’t like getting my feet dirty.

B – I love it! You can feel a deeper connection with earth.



Question 9

What do you like to do in your spare time?

A – Taking a long walk.

B – Reading a book.



Question 10

If you think about femininity, what comes to your mind immediately?

A – Haute couture dresses, good manners, fine jewelry and gardening.

B – Sensuality, sweetness, strength, compassion, sensibility.



If you have totalized more A you’re definitely Grace Kelly‘s alter ego.

If you have totalized more B, you are at heart sensual and fragile like the wonderful Marilyn Monroe.


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