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Emma Stone Will Personify Cruella De Vil in a New Movie

How to forget her? Bicolor hair (white and black, amazingly meaningful), pronounced cheekbones and extremely mean.

Cruella De Vil, the iconic Disney character, has been brought back to life, and this time she will have the face of the talented Emma Stone, who recently earned an Oscar Nomination for her latest film, The Favourite.

This origin story will be set in the 1980s and will tell the story of the young Cruella with a punkish vibe, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. 

1010 Dalmatians, 1961.

Not everyone likes live actions (Disney classics will always be unique and inimitable), yet the live-action Maleficent made $758 million at the worldwide box office (maybe thanks to the presence of the ever charming Angelina Jolie), so the trend might have a long life.

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