Carla Bruni’s Confessions on 90’s Fashion World: “Kate Moss Used to Call Me ‘The Boring'”

The young woman who became a model, the model who became France’s First Lady.

Carla Bruni has been one of the most beautiful top models of all time (lots of people consider Bella Hadid as her successor), yet her relationship with other supermodels wasn’t that positive.

Carla Bruni with Bella Hadid.

According to the Italian journal Corriere della Sera, the 90’s iconic top model Kate Moss used to call here “the boring”, apparently because of her habit to go to sleep very soon, avoiding parties.

“I’ve always rejected alcohol and drugs, because I’ve never been seduced by this type of temptations.”

Says Carla,

“I’ve never had passion for parties and exaggerations. I like sleeping. And, since in the fashion world you usually start working at 6, we can say that work saved me.”

Good for you, Carla!


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