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Glenn Close Will Not Appear in Any Film for a Long While

Such a loss for film industry.

Glenn Close has recently told during an interview that she will take a break from acting, since she decided to focus on writing and film direction.

She’s surely going to be missed, for her incredible talent and magnetic presence that would have deserved more recognitions.

Glenn Close at the Oscars 2019

However, the talented actress underlines once again her love for cinema, saying:

“Film is the only art form that has the close-up, and the close-up, when you think about it, is the human face showing emotion. And I’ve learned over the years that the close-up, well done, is what keeps the audience emotionally involved.”

And on where she feels most at home in acting:

“Probably the stage. That’s because, I mean, to me that’s like the essence of the craft, and if you can’t hold an audience from the stage, you’ve lost something in your craft. You gotta come up with the goods eight times a week. And you know, you get back there, and I thought: Well, I still got it; I still can do it. Gotta check up every now and then.

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