Are You at Heart Frenchy Chic or Italiany Sensuous? Do the Test!

Are you more Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren? Catherine Deneuve or Monica Bellucci?

Here’s a test to discover it! Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Question 1:

Which of these clothes would capture your attention in a store?

Question 2:

Do you consider yourself more sensual or elegant?

A – Elegant, for sure!

B – Sensuality is my mantra

Question 3:

Catherine Deneuve and Sophia Loren: which one do you prefer?

A – Catherine, because of her unique class.

B – Sophia is always number one!

Question 4:

Party time: would you choose a chaste, simple dress or a tighter one to underline your curves?

A – Simple dresses are more elegant.

B – A woman must underline her curves!

Question 5:

Ballerinas or high heels?

A – Ballerinas, of course! So chic.

B – High heels forever!

Question 6:

Which of these hairdos do you like most?

Question 7:

During a fight, you always try to be obliging or you are usually more determined?

A – I don’t like quarreling, I prefer to chat.

B – I’m a passionate person so I’m quite aggressive when I get angry.

Question 8:

Freckles or bronzed skin?

A – I love freckles!

B – Bronzed skin is so attractive!

Question 9:

Eyeliner or eyeshadow: which is the most important for you?

A – Eyeliner, to refine the look.

B – Eyeshadow, to intensify the look.

End of the test!

If you have racked up more “A” you are definitely a Frenchy Chic woman, if you have racked up more “B” sensuality is your piece of resistance!

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