When Audrey Hepburn Invited Sophia Loren To Her Place for Lunch

A meeting between two icons.

Italian film star Sophia Loren has recently told during an interview in Italy how it was sharing a meal with another great cinema icon, Audrey Hepburn.

The two lived for a while in Ginevra, Switzerland, and they were neighbors. One day, Audrey invited Sophia to her place for lunch:

“We were neighbors. One day she called us [Sophia and husband Carlo Ponti] and invited us for lunch. When we took our place at the dining table, she offered us a glass of wine; then we started eating salad with a tiny meatball. We ended the meal with fruits. Then she said ‘Oh my God, I don’t feel good. I ate too much.”

Audrey cared a lot about her shape, said Sophia:

“She was very thin. She didn’t eat a lot and she exercised everyday. She thought we shared the same habits. But when we came back home I was so hungry that I ate a sandwich with salami!”

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