The Extraordinary Love Letter Alain Delon Wrote To Romy Schneider When She Died

“The most important man in my life is, and always will be, Alain Delon”, wrote once Romy Schneider.

Romy and Alain lived a very passionate relationship that lasted 4 years, but even after their break up (he left her) they remained close to each other until Romy’s death.

She was the good, poised girl, he was the typical “bad guy”, the womanizer. They were so different, yet their love was the strongest they’ve ever experienced.

When Romy died in 1982 Alain was desperate. Even though he had never liked love letters, he wrote a long poem to his one and only, Romy, a letter considered one of the most moving of all time.

Here you can find it:

“I watch you sleep. I’m with you, by your bedside. You’re wearing a long black tunic and red embroidery on the bodice. These are flowers, I think, but I do not look at them. I will say goodbye, the longest farewell, my Puppelé. That’s how I called you. It means “little doll” in German. I do not watch the flowers, but your face and I think you’re beautiful, and never, perhaps you have been so beautiful.

“I also think this is the first time in my life – and yours – I see you calm and soothed. You’re so quiet, you are so fine , how beautiful you are. Looks like a hand, gently wiped your face all the tensions, all anxieties of misfortune. […] I watch you sleep. They tell me that you’re dead. I think of you, of me, of us. What am I guilty of?

“I remember the first time I saw you. You came to Paris from Vienna by plane and I waited, at the airport, with a bouquet of flowers I did not know how to hold. But the film’s producers told me: “Offer her these flowers.” I waited with my flowers, like a fool, surrounded by a horde of photographers. When you landed, I stepped forward. You said to your mother, “Who is this boy?”. She answered you: “It must be Alain Delon, your partner … “. And then nothing, no thunderbolt, no. And then I went to Vienna where we were shooting the film. And I fell madly in love with you. And you fell in love with me.

Often, we used to ask each other: “Who fell in love the first, you or me?”. We counted ‘One, two, three!’ And we answered: “Together!”. My God, we were so young and happy. At the end of the film, I said, “Come live with me in France” and you told me: “I want to live with you, in France.” Do you remember when? Your parents were furious. Me, a French, who did not speak a word of German. And you, Puppelé, who did not speak a word of French.

My Puppelé, I look at you again and again. I want to devour you with my eyes, and tell you again and again that you’ve never been so beautiful and calm. Rest. I’m here. I learned a little German, with you. Ich liebe dich. I love you. I love you my Puppelé. ”


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