South Korean Girls Want Occidental Features: Boom in Plastic Surgery

There’s a real boom of plastic surgery in South Korea.

It’s everywhere: on television screens, on buses, on station walls. The Korean Plastic Surgery Trend is well-known around the world.

Modern day Korea is an image-conscious and competitive nation. It appears that in order to have success in love and career you need to look great. Even children would receive plastic surgery as graduation gifts from their parents. Many parents encourage their children to undergo surgery in efforts to gain a “competitive edge” in the job market. But it’s not just the young ones who have embraced this change.

Korean woman struggle for a slim, toned body and youthful face. A beautiful face seems to be indispensable for success in life. In particular, the most requested operations concern eye shape and skin color: women want change them to get the look of occidental women, considered the epitome of beauty.

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  1. No we don’t. Fair skin is not a ‘western’ trait and we do not want sunken-in eye and giant nosed look of typical white ppl. Stop saying Korean beauty standard is to look like caucasians. It’s not. For thousands of years, fairness of the skin had always been a beauty standard. Larger eyes and prominent nose bridge is a beauty standard EVERYWHERE. Asians are born with double eyelids and large eyes and beautiful noses and we want to look like THEM. Not white ppl. Get over yourself.

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