4 Tricks to Look More Confident (Even If You Are Not)

Faking confidence can be easy, if you know the right tricks.

 An aura of confidence can attract positive attention and open up new opportunities. 

Here you can find 5 tricks to improve your confidence and get the ability to enchant people.

  1. The importance of eye contact

Eye contact is crucial for increasing your perceived confidence, and without it, you’ll appear scattered or inattentive. When you speak, look at your recipient’s eyes, or if you’re in front of many people, alternate between them. Even in a crowd, you should be making eye contact with the various individuals in your audience.

2. Stand tall

Take up space by standing tall. People who slouch or minimize their bodies tend to be viewed as unconfident or uncertain.

3. Give value to silence

Use silences to your advantage; for example, you can end an important sentence with a long pause to let it sink in.

4. Be expansive

Improve communication through touch

If you need to get someone’s attention, touch the person’s shoulder. You’ll need to consider the situation and interaction to gauge how appropriate physical contact is. 

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