Sophia Loren’s Moving Message To All Italians In a TV Advert

Sophia Loren has recently given her voice for a “Barilla” commercial in which she encourages all Italians to stay strong in these hard times.

This advert has been released a couple of days ago. Here you can find it. (You can find the subtitles below).

Copyright: Barilla

“To this silence that protects our streets, and to life shouting from balconies, to those who are stationary but still moving, and to those who give everything without asking anything in return. To those who are exhausted yet give us the strength to keep hoping, and to beauty that never stops to remind us who we are. To fear, that awakens courage, and to all smiles that give sense to every effort. To those who are tired but never give up, to those who are far away but know how to stay close to us. To those who are disoriented but still feel part of a Nation. To Italy that, once again, resists.”


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