Philipp Weber and His Incredible Hyper-Realistic Paintings

His talent is legendary.

German painter Philipp Weber has his own personal process of painting, in which there is no outside prior to the inside, nothing between art and reality.

Via Instagram ©Philipp Weber Artist

Hurry is forbidden. Philipp Weber can only paint pictures of such explicit purity with unlimited time and the results, as you can see, are flawless!

©Philipp Weber Artist

He paints from dawn to sunset, every day, with incredible meticulousness, yet the perfectionist Weber is always sceptical about the value if his works. Could one not have painted it even a little bit better?

©Philipp Weber Artist

We can say that a similar sovereignity and virtuosity in painting is very hard to find. Each brushstroke precise, the skilful use of pigments opens up all artistic potentials.

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