When Grace Kelly Taught Us The Perfect Summer Style

Grace Kelly is surely one of the most known style icons of all time. Not by chance, she was the iconic Hitchcock’s muse.

She started out as a successful American actress and ended up the Princess of Monaco, proof enough that Grace Kelly sure lived life right. How could we forget her magnetic aura in To Catch a Thief or her irresistible charm in Rear Window?

“Grace Kelly was a very commercial model. She had no interest in being a fashion model. None at all.”

– Eileen Ford

We have collected for you 10 of Grace’s best beachwear moments to inspire your Summer looks. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

grace kelly cary grant
grace kelly blue dress
grace kelly hugh society pool
grace kelly on vacation with family
grace kelly to catch a thief pink dress
grace kelly jamaica

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