Romy Schneider’s Best Beauty Moments

The incomparable charisma, versatility and intensity of one of the greatest (and saddest) movie stars of the XX Century told in 15 rare pictures.

Romy Schneider was only 17 when she reached fame with the role of Sissi, in a romantic movie about the young Bavarian princess that became the empress of Austria. The film was Schneider’s breakthrough — it turned the Austrian-born actress into an instant 1950s film diva.

“Yes, I loved this role back then. I was the princess, not just in front of the camera. I was always a princess. But one day I simply did not want to be a princess anymore. Sissi sticks to me like oatmeal.”

Schneider decided to move to Paris with her French lover Alain Delon, creating a national scandal. It was 1959.

Paris became Schneider’s artistic base and she became the muse of the great directors of the time including Luchino Visconti, Orson Welles, Otto Preminger and Claude Sautet. She completely shed the image of the little naive girl and took on challenging, sexy and provocative roles.

Here we want to remember her with her most outstanding beauty moments of her life. Most of the pictures are very rare.

romy schneider sunbathing
romy schneider kitten
romy schneider makeup
romy schneider and alain delon
romy schneider no makeup
romy schneider color
romy schneider rare

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