Catherine Deneuve About Marcello Mastroianni: “He Was The Love of My Life”

They had little in common: she was ethereal, full of energy, almost hyperactive. He was quite lazy, calm, not very serious. And married.

catherine deneuve and marcello mastroanni

Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni have been one of the coolest couples of the 70s. Interviewed about their turbolent relationship, Deneuve said:

“We were so different…but we had in common a deep sense of freedom, a huge love for life. He was married, and he used to call himself a ‘coward’, for not being able to leave his wife. [He once said during an interview: “I just want to make everyone happy, that’s my intention!”] I hope he considered me both a partner and a lover. He was the biggest love of my life.”

deneuve and mastroianni love

After the breakup in 1975, they started a longlasting friendship that lasted until Mastroianni’s death. During their love relationship, anyway, they also had a baby, Chiara.

catherine deneuve daughter

“Chiara was definitely wanted, first of all by Marcello. He remained very close to her, even after our breakup”, said Catherine, “He was very affectionate”.

mastroianni's daughter
coolest couples ever

Giovanna Cau, Mastroianni’s agent and friend, said once: “When he told his wife he was expecting a child with Catherine Deneuve she was furious. She was about to launch a vase against him. She calmed down only when he told her that the baby was a girl.”

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