Kate Winslet Regrets Working With Woody Allen and Roman Polanski

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Kate Winslet publicly talked ( for the very first time) about sexual assault allegations surrounding directors Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. She “takes responsibility” for working with Allen on 2017’s “Wonder Wheel” and Polanski on 2011’s “Carnage.”

kate winslet regrets allen polanski

“It’s like, what the (expletive) was I doing working with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski? It’s unbelievable to me now how those men were held in such high regard, so widely in the film industry and for as long as they were. It’s (expletive) disgraceful.”

Although Winslet said she “can’t turn back the clock,” the actress said she now has “to take responsibility for the fact that I worked with them both.”

“I’m grappling with those regrets, but what do we have if we aren’t able to just be (expletive) truthful about all of it?” she added.

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