Sophia Loren Is Back! Finally Out the Trailer of “The Life Ahead”

The Queen is back.

The Italian movie star Sophia Loren is heading back to the big screen after nine years (at age 86!), and she could score her third Oscar nomination after two wins with The Life Ahead.

Directed by Sophia’s son Edoardo Ponti, film is adapted from Romain Gary’s 1975 French novel “The Life Before Us.”

This is the story of Madame Rosa, a tough Auschwitz survivor and former prostitute, who cares for the children of streetwalkers. Her doctor asks her to look after a 12-year orphan Muslim who reluctantly returns her filched purse. At first, the Sudanese boy seems intractable, getting into fights with her other kids and selling drugs for a local dealer to schoolchildren. But Madame Rosa makes a worthy adversary, as she and her warm neighborhood allies inevitably bring him around.

Sophia with son Edoardo Ponti

The film will be released in the USA on September 13.

Will Sophia win her third Oscar?

Here’s the trailer:

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