Joni Mitchell’s Most Beautiful Photos From 60’s and 70’s

She made the best music of her generation by falling in love, over and over, while defending her sense of self”, said once The New Yorker.

Joni Mitchell’s gift was so enormous that it remade the social space around her.  All she needed was her lyrics, preternaturally analytic, wry, and shrewd; her chords, largely self-invented, a kind of calligraphy of the moods; and her voice, which modulates from patter to rue to rhapsody in a single phrase. 

Her songs report on those lessons, which are, in an instant, in performance, happily forgotten. She is always thinking about the ways in which calculation fails, as guile yields again and again to innocence. 

We’d like to celebrate this incredible singer with some of the most gorgeous photos of her taken between 60s and 70s.

18th September 1968: Canadian folk singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell, strumming her guitar outside The Revolution club in London. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)
Joni Mitchell in 1970.

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