“He was like a tumor that was feeding on me”. The rough words of Brigitte Bardot towards her son

French movie star Brigitte Bardot never experienced any tender feelings towards her only son. What happened to the fate of a boy deprived of maternal love?

Everyone knows about Brigitte Bardot’s boundless love for animals. She has always claimed that they are far better than people. And, it seems, even better than her only son, to whom the Frenchwoman had not experienced special feelings since his birth.

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In the book “Initials of B. B.” Brigitte also admitted that she never really loved her second husband Jacques Charrier neither. But she was afraid to remain alone with a child to look after to. Brigitte without hesitation said that she tried to have an abortion, but she didn’t manage to do it because in France, at that time, abortion was banned.

So she began to prepare herself for the birth of the baby. That was a very sad period for her: she was always chased by paparazzi and she suffered physical and psycological abuse during her marriage with Charrier.

“I wanted to free myself – in every sense of the word, – I wanted and could not, because I was a prisoner of my too famous name and possessive nature of Jacques, a prisoner of my body, my face, my child,” Bardot wrote.

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She was so tormented by photographers that she was obliged to give birth to her son Nicolas at her home, to preserve her privacy.

I rejected my child! He was like a tumor that was feeding on me, which I wore in my swollen body and waited so long for the blessed moment when they would finally rid me of it. ” She said.

An old friend Brigitte invited her to take some beautiful photos with her little son, and she reluctantly agreed. So it would be easier for her to get rid of photographers. She did not want to breastfeed Nicolas, and the very sight of the baby reminded Brigitte of those terrible days and months she had been through.

Baby Nicolas was left in the care of the sister of ex-spouse Brigitte and they never shared a positive relation. At the age of 12, Nicolas came to visit his mother. However, she refused to invite him for lunch and he returned to his aunt in tears.

Mother and son tried more than once to establish a relationship, without success.

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“Nicolas has a deep wound within himself. Our relationship suffered from a lack of everyday closeness and mutual understanding ”said Brigitte.

For the publication of frank memoirs, the ex-spouse and son sued her and received monetary compensation. Unsurprisingly, her relationship with her son is still far from ideal.

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