Monica Vitti’s Best Beauty Moments

“When at fourteen-and-a-half I had almost decided I had had enough of life, I realized that I could act, carry on just pretending to be someone else, and making people laugh as much as possible on the stage and screen; in life it was much more difficult.”

Monica Vitti

Monica Vitti has just turned 90 and she’s still conserving her status of icon despite the degenerative disease (similiar to Alzheimer) that hit her some years ago.

She was born on November 3, 1931 but she continues to make the public’s heart beat with her magnetic figure in the outstanding movies she took part to.

Monica Vitti becomes a true diva when in 1962 she arrives at the Venice Film Festival. In 1995 she received the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. Super famous were her iconic sunglasses (100% italian, of course!) here a model she appreciated a lot, by Gucci:

Elisabetta, nephew of Michelangelo Antonioni, spoke about Monica Vitti on television at La Vita in Diretta where she said: “Once I went to the set of “The Red Desert “in Ravenna and I saw her sitting on the bed where she had to shoot a scene. She was fixing her nails, then she was called to turn into the part, and she did it immediately, effortlessly. I marveled at her great professionalism.”

The great director’s granddaughter also went on about a funny episode where Monica was very embarrassed, demonstrating the actress’s authenticity: “I remember once Monica tried to take a slice of ham, but she fell on the table and became purple!”

“I have dedicated my life, my mind, everything to my work. I learned a lot from cinema and I think I gave everything I could give. ” Said once Monica.

We have selected for you some of her best beauty moments during the fabulous ’60. Enjoy!

Monica Vitti, 1967 ca. Source: Tumblr
1965 ca. Source: Tumblr
1966 ca. Source: Tumblr
1966 ca. Source: Tumblr
On the set of The Girl With the Gun, 1966. Source: Tumblr
1968. Source: Tumblr
Monica photographed by Jean-Claude Sauer on the set of “Red Desert”, 1964.
1965 ca. Source: Tumblr
Portrait of Italian actress Monica Vitti (born Maria Louisa Ceciarelli) in costume for her film ‘Modesty Blaise’ (directed by Joseph Losey), 1965. (Photo by Susan Wood/Getty Images)
1966 ca. Source: Tumblr

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