When Whitney Houston Made History With Her ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Performance

A curious fact about the iconic performance you probably didn't know

Some of us still remember the very moment in which one the greatest singers of all time, Whitney Houston, started singing the US National Anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl, with that incredibly powerful voice.

She was very young back then (she was 27), her voice was more powerful than ever.

Although Whitney was singing live, she was singing into a dead microphone, and television viewers were hearing a pre-recorded version of the anthem! Infact, her musical director making her aware of the risks of performing live including the sound of the crowd.

Many people claimed that was one of the most emotional moments of their lives. After all, Whitney definitely got that very uncommon charisma that still enchants so many people all around the world (even the youngest generations!)

Here you can find her Outstanding Star Spangled Banner performance (that will inspire your day!)

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