Alain Delon: “Death would be a relief to me”

Very strong words.

French iconic actor Alain Delon, considered one of the most handsome and charming men ever existed, recently expressed his opinion about death.

Delon’s lazy insouciance, shady sophistication and angelic insolence – learnt, no doubt, from past connections with the French criminal underworld – carved him a niche: the pretty-boy killer. Delon was later credited as having created cinema’s “cerebral hitman”.

From Instagram, official.alaindelon

Called “the male version of Brigitte Bardot“, Delon has just turned 86. A symbolic age that the actor wanted to celebrate surrounded by his relatives, and more particularly his two sons, Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon.

However, Alain said he doesn’t fear death at all.

“I don’t fear death. I lived and loved a lot. I have seen everything and I have experienced everything. After all, I don’t like this world anymore. Everything is fake and meaningless. There’s no point. People only think about stupid things, like appearence and money. So death would be a relief to me. When I’ll die, I will die fulfilled of the life I have lived.”

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