Margot Robbie Channelling Jane Birkin In A Stunning Photo Shoot

She looks AMAZING.

Margot Robbie‘s allure is increasing with the passing of the years.

The 31-year-old beautiful actress, known for her roles in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, has just reproduced Jane Birkin‘s style in an enchanting photo shoot.

Distinctive characteristics: the iconic bangs and the amazing 70s big sunglasses.

From “La Piscine”

Jane’s bangs has spawned countless imitations over the decades. And it’s not easy to emulate that incredible and unique style.

“Margot is an incredible chameleon and has an openness to play,” said Dubroff, the creative mind behind the photo shoot. “Her basic day-to-day look is clean and fresh, with a slight wash of a tone on the eye or lip. She’s such a natural beauty that it’s about not overcomplicating or taking that away. But she does love to transform. This time: into a ’70s beach babe.”

From Instagram

Did Margot succeed in channelling Jane?


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