The Viral Video of a Baby Hearing Her Mother’s Voice For The First Time

We're crying!

A moving video of the moment a baby girl was able to hear for the very first time has gone viral online.

In the footage, a mother is cradling her baby, whispering to her sweet words. A hearing aid is visible in the child’s ear and she is looking up at her mother, smiling, totally astonished.

In the caption of the video, the woman wrote: “I debated on whether to post this video of my deaf daughter hearing for the first time. Hearing aids are not some magical ‘fix’ for deaf people. Deaf people don’t need to be fixed”.

And she added: “They’re just a tool to access sound but this was a pretty cool moment for us.”

In the video, the baby’s mother says: “Is it funny? Yeh, it is funny.” And she frequently repeats “I love you.”

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