The Acoustic LIVE Version of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” Is Now Available

All Too Well” is believed to be about Swift's ex Jake Gyllenhaal.

In an emotional post on the Instagram account, Taylor Swift has announced the release of the ‘All Too Well’ acoustic version.

The longer version of the song includes brutal lyrics like “And I was never good at telling jokes but the punch line goes/I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age” and “But I’m in a new hell every time you double-cross my mind/You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine/And that made me want to die.”

“All Too Well,” of course, is widely believed to be about Swift’s ex Jake Gyllenhaal. The two dated for three months in October 2010, right before she turned 21.

Swift’s line about “I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age,” ended up being truthful. Gyllenhaal, infacts, has been dating model Jeanne Cadieu, who is 25.

“I was going through a bit of sad time,” she recounted of writing the song. “I started ad-libbing what I was going through and what I was feeling.”

Click here to listen to the acoustic version!

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