Whoopi Goldberg Reveals: “I Had an Abortion When I Was 14”

"I talked to nobody. I panicked."

Whoopi Goldberg admitted she had had six or seven abortions by the age of 25 and that birth control pills failed to stop several of her pregnancies.

Goldberg wrote about her teenage abortion experience in an essay for Angela Bonavoglia’s The Choices We Made. “I found out I was pregnant when I was fourteen,” she wrote. “I didn’t get a period. I talked to nobody. I panicked. I sat in hot baths. I drank these strange concoctions girls told me about – something like Johnny Walker Red with a little bit of Clorox, alcohol, baking soda (which probably saved my stomach) and some sort of cream. You mixed it all up. I got violently ill. At that moment I was more afraid of having to explain to anybody what was wrong than of going to the park with a hanger, which is what I did.” 

From Instagram, @whoopigoldberg

Whoopi recently said that women have the right to choose not to have an abortion, but she underlined that politicians shouldn’t take the choice to get one away from others.

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Some of the stricter abortion laws that have recently passed, like the one in Alabama, have not included exceptions for victims of rape and incest.

“To me, you taking choice from people is anti-human,” Goldberg said.


  1. Abortion is anti-human.

    If you hurt/kill yourself trying to kill your baby, that is on YOU. Not the government.

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