The Terrible Death of Romy Schneider’s Son at Age 14

Shortly after Romy's death, Alain Delon arranged for David to be buried in the same grave of his mother.

There’s nothing more terrible than surviving the death of a son or a daughter.

After the end of her relationship with Alain Delon, Romy Schneider married German director and actor Harry Meyen in July 1966, but they divorced soon. The couple had a son, David Christopher, born the same year.

Romy was so in love of her child. She used to spend all her spare time with him and the two shared a very positive relationship.

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In July 1981, shortly before his birthday, David died at the age of 14 after attempting to climb the spiked fence at his stepfather’s parents’ home. He climbed to the top of a wrought-iron gate and slipped, fell and was impaled on the spikes of a fence below.

David was spending the day with his grandparents, the parents of Romy’s second husband Daniel Biasini, in suburban Saint-Germain-En-Laye.

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The child died during an operation to repair a perforated intestine.

Romy never recovered from the loss of her son. She divorced from Harry Mayen and lived the rest of her life in solitude, with the only conpanion of her last partner, Laurent Pétin.

She began drinking alcohol excessively after her son’s death. However, Schneider’s friend and sister of Laurent Pétin, Claude Pétin, said that she no longer drank at the time of her death and that she is convinced it was a natural death.

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Her tombstone at Boissy-sans-Avoir, Yvelines, bears her birth name, Rosemarie Albach.

Shortly afterwards, Delon arranged for David to be buried in the same grave.

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