How To Choose The Right Lipstick For You

Christmas is coming! Choose the perfect lipstick for the occasion.

Christmas is coming and choosing the right shade of lipstick for the festivities is important!

Lipstick is the base of the perfect make up. But how to select the most suitable texture and color?

Choose the lipstick according to the color of your skin

Light, medium or dark? For light skin, the most suitable lipsticks are those that change to shades of light pink and nude, but also peach, deep brown or nude in shades of beige. Avoid intense red!

From Instagram, @laisribeiro

For medium skin, the most suitable shades are pink, bright red, plum purple and bronze.

For dark skin, intense red or wine-colored lipsticks are the best.

Thin or big lips?

If you have thin lips choose light and bright lipsticks, perfect for making your lips appear bigger and fuller. On the contrary, if you have very pronounced lips, d shades of lipstick with a matte finish tend to get smaller.

From Instagram, @gigihadid

The importance of hair and eye color

Cold-based hair, like dark brown and very light blonde and platinum invite you to choose blue-toned lipsticks, from powder pink to bright fuchsia. But also ruby red, wine red and violet.

Warm-based hair, like golden blondes and all shades of brown, are perfect for sunny shades of lipstick, such as coral, orange, bright red.

For Red hair plum lipstick is the right choice!

For brown or hazel eyes, the lipsticks to match are all those with a red base. Green eyes are combined with all the shades of color that come to your mind.

 Green eyes perfectly match with every color.

For gray, black and blue eyes, cold-toned lipsticks are perfect.

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