What Type of Mother Will You Be? Do the Test!

Do the test!๐Ÿ˜‰

Are you curious to know what type of mother will you be? Our test is waiting for you!

Your child’s school is throwing a party: what do you bring?

1- Store-bought cake (or nothing at all, if you forget to buy something for the occasion)

2 – Quick and healthy food

3- Many handmade delicacies

From Instagram, @mother.ly

What do you bring for a beach trip?

1 – Nothing but your phone

2- Basic things like beach towel and sun cream

3 – Everything that comes to you mind!

According to you, what are the best sports for children?

1- Motocross!

2 – Swimming lessons might be useful, but I’d like to see them try always new activities.

3 – I don’t know, something not dangerous for sure! (Violin lessons would be a better choice)

How old will your child be when you let them have a cell phone?

1- Elementary school

2-At least middle school

3 – High school

It’s Saturday night: what are you doing, mom?

1 – Disco time until morning!

2 – Night out with some friends

3 – Eating and watching TV next to my child

From Instagram, @mother.ly

How would you celebrate your child’s birthday?

1 – Not a big party, I’m too lazy

2 – A birthday cake and some friends

3 – Super big theme party

Your kid refuse to eat: what do you do?

1 – You eat his/her food

2 – You tell your kid that if he/she doesn’t eat, he/she is not getting anything else

3 – You beg him-her to eat or you ask him/her if he/she wants something else.

End of the test!

If you scored more “1”, you would probably be a quite distant mother, maybe you are not ready for motherhood yet (and there’s nothing wrong about it!)

If you scored more”2″ you would probably be a well-balanced mother. Your son is the most important thing, yet you don’t ignore your needs.

If you scored more”3″ you would probably be a quite anxious mother. Remember that your child needs his/her space, don’t torment him/her.

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